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Customer experience during Covid-19

How important is customer satisfaction? Very important I would say. Today, our society is all about understanding, togetherness and cooperation. There is understanding for each other, but also around customer service, customer experience and employees in the stores. Not everything can be delivered quickly, there is less available, we have to wait for our turn and are constantly alert to the 1.5 meter distance.

As we all expect and with some research from the Central Planning Bureau supported, we end up in difficult times after the Covid-19 crisis. As evidenced by various recessions such as the recession in 2008, the focus at this time is entirely on cost savings and restructuring. In other words, operational excellence, this puts the customer experience under the microscope and it becomes more important than ever. Challenge yourself and see through the eyes of the customer! How do they experience your organization?

High customer satisfaction is key!

It has been scientifically proven that improving your customer satisfaction (or customer experience) shows an increase in turnover: 17% growth in five years! In other words, a good customer experience can lead to more loyalty and more turnover for organizations. The image shows the positive effects of high customer satisfaction. You must have a clear view of the ultimate goal; fans of your brand send a positive signal to the market and help you find new potential customers.

Improve your customer experience with the help of a mystery guest

I am convinced that organizations that examine operational excellence in times of recession will see that this goes hand in hand with the customer experience. This gives you a strong advantage over the competition and you are ultimately more successful. So get started actively! How? INPROVE can help you with this. INPROVE translates the desired customer experience into KPIs so that you can manage it. The customer journey is the starting point, we map out the touch points and the contact moments together. This results in a tailor-made questionnaire that provides immediate insight into the customer experience and customer satisfaction. These results are easy to deploy and can be applied immediately in daily operational excellence. Professionally trained mystery guests conduct the visits and provide a detailed report with highly relevant feedback

Make your employees a fan!

Ensure higher employee satisfaction. Happy employees, happy customers. Nothing works better than having promoters of your brand in the workplace. In these uncertain times, it is also exciting for employees to be back at work. It all goes differently, including customer contact, measures and restrictions. I am sure that a positive boost will help create enthusiasm and motivation. It has been proven: successful projects to improve customer experience generate 5-10% revenue growth!

In order to increase employee satisfaction, INPROVE developed ‘The Hunt’. A very effective game where the commitment of a mystery guest increases both the employee engagement and the customer experience! Other organizations have already used The Hunt and after playing The Hunt received an NPS (Net Promoter Score) score of -1, which means that more than 41% of the customers are promoters of the brand! The Hunt is a success, and it is not without reason that it was nominated for the Gamification Europe Awards in 2018. “By using gamification, INPROVE is able to measure the desired employee behavior.”

Finally; put your business case first

A good customer experience and high customer satisfaction contribute to the brand promise and value realization of your organization. What makes customers recommend you to others and how will you apply improvements that reinforce that feeling? If you measure impact in advance, you can more effectively decide what to spend money on. Especially in times of recession it is important that you invest money in the right initiatives. INPROVE can help you make the right decision.

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